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  • Name: LED linear industrial and mining lamp 60W
  • NO: JH-LI60W-01-EN

Product Name: LED linear industrial lighting           productsbrand: Crystal macro lighting

Product model:JH-LI60W-01                    LED chip:Philips3030

Number of chips: 77                              Power:60W

working voltage:220(V)                   Product size:L300*W141*79MM

Waterproof grade:IP-66              Anti impact grade:IK-08

Color temperature: 3200K (warm white), /6500K (positive white)

Material: (lens) Germany Bayer + (shell) 6060 air road

Luminous angle: 25 degrees, 40 degrees, 80 degrees, 120 degrees, 30*70 degrees 70*140 degrees, polarized light 40 degrees



  • 一、Product features

    Shenzhen City, Acer lighting patented products, independent research and development products.
    60W LED linear industrial and mining lamp, equivalent to 250W metal halide lamp, save electricity 65%.
    The LED linear miner's lamp is a traditional square and circular miner's lamp.
    Luminous angle: 25 degrees -40 degrees -80 degrees -120 degrees (transparent cover - frosted mask), -30*70 degrees -70*140 degrees - polarization 40 degrees and so on multi angle can be chosen.
    The light source can be used OSRAM, Nichia, PHILPS and Samsung brand, LM-80 certification.
    The power supply can be used in Taiwan and Shenzhen mosopower power meanwell.
    The light efficiency of the whole lamp can reach 130LM/W.
    Light material: 6060 aluminum, sandblasting and surface anodic oxidation treatment, with alkali corrosion.
    1-10V dimming system, emergency system and microwave induction system are optional.
    Protection level: IP-66; anti impact IK08;
    Quality assurance: 5 years (5 years of quality problems, Shenzhen city crystal lighting, old change).
    Installation: 1 (chain), lifting; 2, adjustable angle ceiling installation (Z support); 3, the angle adjustable installation, each for a period of 15 degrees adjustable.
    Product certification: TUV, CE, CB, FCC, SAA, PSE, IK08, IP66.



    二、Product picture

  • 三、Light distribution curve