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  • Name: LED High-Pole Lamp-300W


Product NameLED High-Pole Lamp  Product Brand: Crystal Lighting

Product ModelJH-FL300W-06            LED ChipPhilip 3030

Chip Number385pcs                           Power300W

Working voltage100305(V)        Product sizeL612*W333*232MM

Waterproof gradeIP-66                        Anti-impact gradeIK-08

Color temperature3200K (warm white)/4000K(natural white)/5700K (positive white)

Materials: (lens) Germany Bayer + (shell) Die-cast Aluminum

Luminous angle: 25 degrees, 40 degrees, 80 degrees, 120 degrees, 30*70 degrees 70*140 degrees, polarized light 40 degrees

I.High-PoleLamp  Features

Shenzhen Jinhong Lighting patented products, all rights reserved.

1.      All sheds and modules used die-cast aluminum (ADC12), which give the best safety guarantee for the lamp( anti-typhoon 12 grade), impact anti grade IK10.

2.      Color options: black, white, silver.

3.      Module design. Radiator material used Aviation aluminum, which provide enough radiating area and keep the temperature below 30℃.

4.      Slicone sealed gasket is die-casted with USA Corelle material, provides best combination between radiator and len. Waterproof grade can reach up to IP67.

5.      Optical lens: with the high standard optical design requirement, we used German Bayer PC material (uvioresistant), color fade resistant for 10 years and have 7 kinds of lighting angle: 25 degrees, -40 degrees -80 degrees, -120 degrees (transparent cover - frosted mask), -30*70 degrees -70*140 degrees - polarization 40 degrees and so on multi angle can be chosen, well fit professional standard and can be applied in many situations.

6.      The light source used OSRAM LED, Luminous Efficiency>130LM/W, well color saturation, CRI80,service life over 60000hours.

7.      Installation: 1 (chain), lifting; 2, adjustable angle ceiling installation (Z support); 3, the angle adjustable installation, each for a period of 15 degrees adjustable, up to 180°。

8.      Quality assurance: 5 years.

Product certification: TUV, CE, CB, FCC, SAA, PSE, IK08, IP66.




二、High-Pole Lamp Pictures

  • ·  III、light distribution curve


  • ·  IV.Applications

  •  mine, highway toll station, gas station, supermarket, farmers market and other lighting needed place.

    After sell services

    Thank you for purchasing Shenzhen Jinhong Lighting products. Our products are strictly controlled with ISO9001standard. All the products have 5years guarantee for free repair.

    Thermal imaging testing

    Led Omni Lamp have a widely usage in high shed workshop, workshop, warehouse, logistics center, exhibition hall, gymnasium, basketball court, football field, shipyard

     CE Certificate

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