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  • Name: LED linear industrial and mining lamp 60W

Product Name: LED linear industrial lighting           productsbrand: Crystal macro lighting

Product model:JH-LI60W-01                    LED chip:Philips3030

Number of chips: 77                              Power:60W

working voltage:220(V)                   Product size:L300*W141*79MM

Waterproof grade:IP-66              Anti impact grade:IK-08

Color temperature: 3200K (warm white), /6500K (positive white)

Material: (lens) Germany Bayer + (shell) 6060 air road

Luminous angle: 25 degrees, 40 degrees, 80 degrees, 120 degrees, 30*70 degrees 70*140 degrees, polarized light 40 degrees



  • 一、Product features

    Shenzhen City, Acer lighting patented products, independent research and development products.
    60W LED linear industrial and mining lamp, equivalent to 250W metal halide lamp, save electricity 65%.
    The LED linear miner's lamp is a traditional square and circular miner's lamp.
    Luminous angle: 25 degrees -40 degrees -80 degrees -120 degrees (transparent cover - frosted mask), -30*70 degrees -70*140 degrees - polarization 40 degrees and so on multi angle can be chosen.
    The light source can be used OSRAM, Nichia, PHILPS and Samsung brand, LM-80 certification.
    The power supply can be used in Taiwan and Shenzhen mosopower power meanwell.
    The light efficiency of the whole lamp can reach 130LM/W.
    Light material: 6060 aluminum, sandblasting and surface anodic oxidation treatment, with alkali corrosion.
    1-10V dimming system, emergency system and microwave induction system are optional.
    Protection level: IP-66; anti impact IK08;
    Quality assurance: 5 years (5 years of quality problems, Shenzhen city crystal lighting, old change).
    Installation: 1 (chain), lifting; 2, adjustable angle ceiling installation (Z support); 3, the angle adjustable installation, each for a period of 15 degrees adjustable.
    Product certification: TUV, CE, CB, FCC, SAA, PSE, IK08, IP66.



    二、Product picture

  • 三、Light distribution curve

  • Installation instruction (lifting type):                         
    Be careful:
    (1) make sure the power is disconnected before installing the lamp,
    (2) this luminaire is suitable for use in indoor / outdoor environment,
    (3) the input voltage of lamps is AC100-265V 50/60Hz,
    (4) the mounting force of the fixture on the wall and ceiling of the luminaire shall be matched with the weight of the luminaire,
    (5) to ensure the service life of lamps, avoid the installation of lamps in heat, steam and corrosive gases.
  • Installation step 1

    1:The need to install the lamp on the ceiling up to 8 drill holes. As shown below,

    Installation step two:
    The 1: screws the bolt with the hook into the hole and locks the nut,
    2: hangs the chains on the exploding screws.

    Installation method three

    1:Connect the lock catch to the light fixture and connect the AC line。


    (三)Packing materials:

    1.Inner box size:L415*W151*H150MM                     

    2.Outer box size:L435*W327*H328MM                         

    3.Net weight:

    4.Gross weight:

    五、Applicable scene

    LED linear industrial / linear warehouse lamps, lamps and lanterns can be widely used in billboard lighting, tunnel lighting,
    Wall washing, lighting, warehouse lighting, wall lamp lighting, shelf lighting, building lighting, engineering lighting,
    Parking lots lighting, outdoor floodlight, lighting and many other luminous features are as follows.
    1, 30 x 70 degrees lenses are suitable for warehouse shelf lighting and outdoor wall washing lamp lighting.
    2. Polarized 40 degree lens is suitable for billboard lighting, wall lamp lighting, tunnel lighting and outdoor wall washing lamp lighting.
    3, 70 x 140 degrees, suitable for tunnel lighting, plant lighting.
    4, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, 80 degrees, widely used in factory lighting, parking, outdoor floodlights, lighting and other places.